Engagement: Tiffany & Curtis (Berkeley, CA)

Choosing the perfect words for these two is difficult. I remember when they started dating, meeting Tiffany for the first time, and being excited that Curtis found a girl just as cool as him. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow together, bring out the best in each other and hear the engagement plan before it ever happened. You see, Curtis is already family (my brother-in-law) and Tiffany will soon be family (yay!). More importantly, they’ve also become my friends and a great part of my life.

I love capturing emotion with my camera, that’s why I shoot weddings and engaged couples, but it’s a whole different level of awesome when I get the chance to capture a relationship I’ve watched over the years.

Since I have done shoots with them before, we decided to go somewhere with a little more variety, the Botanical Gardens at Tilden Park, Berkeley. As always, it’s hard to choose just my absolute favorites to post.

Congratulations Tiffany & Curtis! Truly, so excited for you both!

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