Couples: Tiffany & Curtis

A couple’s photoshoot off the beaten path. I always love shooting in a natural setting and thought these two would be up to the challenge of a short hike. That is one fancy mustache & one stylin’ lady. If you’re wondering, that’s a slackline in the pictures, very difficult but also quite fun. Thanks for the fun you two!

Tiffany_Curtis_site_001 Tiffany_Curtis_site_005 Tiffany_Curtis_site_019 Tiffany_Curtis_site_031 Tiffany_Curtis_site_037 Tiffany_Curtis_site_041 Tiffany_Curtis_site_045 Tiffany_Curtis_site_048 Tiffany_Curtis_site_050 Tiffany_Curtis_site_052 Tiffany_Curtis_site_053 Tiffany_Curtis_site_055 Tiffany_Curtis_site_058 Tiffany_Curtis_site_059 Tiffany_Curtis_site_062 Tiffany_Curtis_site_065 Tiffany_Curtis_site_070 Tiffany_Curtis_site_074 Tiffany_Curtis_site_076 Tiffany_Curtis_site_088 Tiffany_Curtis_site_089 Tiffany_Curtis_site_103 Tiffany_Curtis_site_110 Tiffany_Curtis_site_113

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