Event Photos: Kajol’s Graduation Party

What a beautiful and lively night! Graduation and moving on to college is such a big event in life and I was asked to document the night of celebration. Kajol’s family and friends were so nice and so much fun to capture in photos. Kajol, best of luck to you in your new adventure at UOP!

Special thanks to Renee who came along as a second shooter.

Kajol_Graduation_Party_005 Kajol_Graduation_Party_061 Kajol_Graduation_Party_064 Kajol_Graduation_Party_077 Kajol_Graduation_Party_033 Kajol_Graduation_Party_037 Kajol_Graduation_Party_108 Kajol_Graduation_Party_113 Kajol_Graduation_Party_119 Kajol_Graduation_Party_120 Kajol_Graduation_Party_135 Kajol_Graduation_Party_176 Kajol_Graduation_Party_214 Kajol_Graduation_Party_224 Kajol_Graduation_Party_233 Kajol Graduation Party




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