Perfect for busy families who want to capture a moment in time with their loved ones.

What is a Mini-Session?
Simply put, they are a shorter version of my regular family sessions, only available during certain times of the year. Schedules can get busy, but I think it is so important to capture the entire family together as often as possible. (I say this from experience with my own kids, because time really does pass so quickly!)

It is an easy way to capture moments of your family having fun together. They are perfect for families who are short on time and just want a few images for a holiday card or to update a wall of family photos. They take place in one location, and are quick and efficient; a great choice for busy families!

What is included?
• All members of your family
• 30 minutes of photography
• 25 final, edited photos
• Private online gallery (with easy downloading and sharing options)

How many images do we get from a Mini-Session?
Each session includes 25 final edited images uploaded to an online gallery. These high resolution images can be viewed/shared/downloaded as needed and used for any purposes.

How many people can be in our Mini-Session?
Anyone who is part of your family. Grandparents, aunts, cousins are definitely family. Have a group of friends that feels like family? Bring them too! Pets? Of course! Please keep in mind that 30 minutes is not a lot of time, so the more people involved, the variety of the final images is less. (If you have a large family to capture, a regular family session is a great way to capture a larger variety of images in a more relaxed timeframe.)

What should we wear?
Clothing is an important part of the way we show our personality and style. For group sessions, chose outfits that complement skin tone, eye color and hair, without overwhelming the person. The focus of the images should be on the family members and their interactions. My recommendation is to stick to solid colors and subtle patterns, making sure each individual’s outfit works well in the group setting. My best advice is to choose clothing that makes you feel good and confident, which will shine through in your photos. For kids, choose clothing that is comfortable to them, to set them up for success as well.

I’m worried my kids won’t cooperate, what can we do?
We work together to make sure it’s fun for the kids! The session may start off with some silly games and distraction, to get them used to being around my camera and provide a chance to capture some photos of kids doing what they do best – play! I’m a mother of two, so I always try to make sure to establish a connection with the kids I am working with. Before your session, you can also talk with your kids about how much fun you’re going to have taking photos together as a family and introduce me as a friend. If the parents are confident and calm, the kids will pick up on it. Feel free to bring a special toy that your child is attached to, a lot of times those toys end up helping me with my camera.

What locations do you suggest?
Mini-sessions are offered at select local parks. Please note that sessions with pets must take place in pet-friendly areas.