Family: Erin & Caspian

Pets are family too; Erin & her pup Caspian are so much fun to spend time with. This shoot was a blast, chasing an energetic dog & hanging out with a good friend. Erin added some great ideas for photo set-ups that she’s been wanting to take with Caspian. I love collaboration for a photoshoot and the end result turned out great!

ErinCaspian_2012_site_06 ErinCaspian_2012_site_12 ErinCaspian_2012_site_14 ErinCaspian_2012_site_19 ErinCaspian_2012_site_36 ErinCaspian_2012_site_37 ErinCaspian_2012_site_42 ErinCaspian_2012_site_47 ErinCaspian_2012_site_54 ErinCaspian_2012_site_64 ErinCaspian_2012_site_69 ErinCaspian_2012_site_73 ErinCaspian_2012_site_77

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