Photography Mini Sessions

Photography Mini Sessions

What is a mini session?

• A mini session is shorter length than my regular photography sessions. Each session lasts 20-25 minutes, rather than an hour-plus session.

• I choose a location, with different options for backgrounds. I book multiple sessions back-to-back, so I stay in the same spot all day, meeting up with each family at their designated time.

• Since the sessions are shorter, I deliver fewer images. Your online gallery will have at least 15 high-resolution, edited images.

How do I make the most of my mini session?

• Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early. Everyone (kids and adults) need some time to transition. Rushing from home to the car to a photo session can be a flurry of activity. Give yourself time to settle in a bit, relax and take a few deep breaths before we start our photos. Arriving early may also give your kids a chance to explore the location. We want everyone to feel calm and ready to go.

• Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get everyone ready for a photo session. That said, please arrive to your session photo-ready. This means everyone is dressed (shoes included), hair is brushed, faces are clean, etc. We want to be ready at our start time to maximize our time together getting the best shots!

• If there is a special photo you want, please let me know at the start of the session. One of just mom and the kids – great! One of your little one showing off their martial arts moves – wonderful! Let me know so I can prioritize the shots that are special to you.

• Prep your kids! Try your best to avoid scheduling a photo session during nap time or meal time for your family. Make sure they have a snack and bathroom break before we get started. Talk about the session with your kids beforehand, so they have an idea what to expect.

What should we wear?

• First things first, dress appropriately for the weather. If someone is feeling too cold (or warm) in the clothes they are wearing, it’s going to be hard to feel happy and calm. Sweaters and layers help offer more options and can look great!

• Try clothes on before the photo session date. Make sure everything fits comfortably, to allow yourself time to make any changes as needed.

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