Family: Jason, Leslie & Emma

It was so much fun to spend the day with this family. Emma is starting to develop a personality and I got some beautiful smiles on camera. I feel privileged to capture the progression of this family from maternity photos, to newborn photos and now to family portraits with the little one at four months old. Hopefully more pictures will come for this family as the years go by.

Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_05 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_11 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_27 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_29 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_34 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_49 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_54 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_58 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_60 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_67 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_70 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_73 Canada_Portraits_2012_PRINT_78

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