Family Photos: the Pahls

Last time I visited this family, their youngest had just joined them. This time, the family wanted some memories of the home they’ve enjoyed in California. We wandered around their neighborhood and they took me to one of their favorite hiking paths nearby. I enjoyed our time together and capturing these photos for them!

Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_01 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_02 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_03 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_04 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_05 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_06 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_07 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_08 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_09 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_10 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_11 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_12 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_13 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_14 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_15 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_16 Dublin_Family_Photos_Pahl_17

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