Family Photos: The Soo Hoos

Such a fun and friendly family to meet and take photos of! I didn’t even have to ask the daughter to gather some leaves and throw them, she was all about having some fun. One of the best parts was that they chose to take the photos around the neighborhood they live in and there were some great spots, all within walking distance.

SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_1 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_2 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_4 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_9 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_10 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_5SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_3SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_6 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_7 SooHoo_FayeChamplinStudio_8

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