Event Photos: Rutuja’s Graduation Party

A beautiful venue and an exciting night for one lovely young lady. Graduation is a very big event and it is wonderful to see so many friends and family come to celebrate and spend time together. Rutuja, best of luck to you in Boston!

Rutuja_Graduation_Party_043 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_017 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_019 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_003 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_045 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_056 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_060 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_082 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_105 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_112 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_139 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_176 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_161 Rutuja_Graduation_Party_169

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