Couples Photos: A Story of Boy Meets Girl

Tiffany and Curtis are a lot of fun to go on photoshoots with, my camera definitely enjoys being around them. Beyond doing just a typical couples shoot this time around, I wanted to tell a story, while showing the personality of each. We ended up with a sweet “boy meets girl” story. Enjoy these two lovebirds!

Behind-the-Scenes and the rest of Tiffany & Curtis’ photos will come soon!

V44A1641 V44A1631 V44A1627 V44A1624 V44A1619 V44A1649 V44A1661 V44A1676 V44A1686 V44A1722 V44A1699 V44A1739 V44A1741 V44A1582 V44A1600 V44A1572

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