Couples Photos: Tiffany & Curtis

My main idea with Tiffany and Curtis was to tell a story through photographs, which you can see here.

As expected, there are plenty of beautiful behind-the-scene photos to share from the shoot, which I’m excited to share! I also wanted to show just how cool and unique these two are, so we brought along some props that reveal a bit of their personalities. As always, a pleasure to spend time with you both!

V44A1766 V44A1765 V44A1789 V44A1794 copy V44A1803 V44A1747 V44A1754 copy V44A1870 V44A1879 V44A1638

V44A1609 V44A1652 V44A1667 V44A1670 V44A1690 V44A1679 V44A1646 V44A1731 Couples Photos Tiffany Curtis

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