Livermore Engagement: Brianna & Arnott

Brianna and Arnott were so much fun on their engagement shoot! These photos turned out absolutely beautiful, but also show the sweet connection they share with one another, and that is a truly special thing. They brought some really great ideas for pictures they wanted to try, which resulted in some unique shots and a lot of laughter throughout the shoot. We also had the best light for these photos, ending with a beautiful sunset on a warm evening.

Thank you both so much for a great time and I wish you all the best in your journey together!

Brianna Arnott Engagement Photos Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_010 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_018 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_021 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_032 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_034 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_037 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_043 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_049 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_055 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_065 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_067 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_078 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_081 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_088 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_092 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_094 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_100 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_106 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_114 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_115 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_127 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_129 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_132 Brianna_Arnott_Engage_Print_136

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