Marketing: Home of Peace

This photoshoot was for a place, not a person, but there is still a story to share. This old building has some beautiful details that I was happy to capture. Taking pictures of a place is a solitary thing and I took my time, wandering through the rooms and down the halls, finding the things that make this place so unique.

Home_of_Peace_site_18 Home_of_Peace_site_42 Home_of_Peace_site_43 Home_of_Peace_site_53 Home_of_Peace_site_57 Home_of_Peace_site_58 Home_of_Peace_site_59 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_100 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_098 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_097 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_078 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_068 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_056 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_047 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_042 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_040 HomeOfPeace_Dec2012_PRINT_033

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