Wedding Photos: Erin & Kyle (Vallejo, CA)

The story behind these wedding photos begins a long time ago. I had spent time with Erin, in a group of mutual friends and got to know her over the years. As is often the case with photographers, my camera went with me on some of those outings. Every single photo that I took of this girl turned out stunning. Every photo, every time. I finally told her that I was going to shoot her wedding someday, since I knew the photos would be amazing. Years after that casual comment, it came true and I was so excited to be there.

Erin and Kyle have the sweetest personalities and share so much laughter. Not only were the photos beautiful (as I suspected), but it was a downright fun day to spend with these two. They joked around, chatted everyone up and were genuinely enjoying the day with everyone attending. The venue was beautiful and everything was so well thought out, so personalized and caring towards their guests. My congratulations to you both and best wishes on your journey together!

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  1. Faye! Girl! Words continue to escape me how honored we were to have to photograph our wedding. You captured the love and support we feel/felt from every single person there. Thank you for helping us capture these once in a life time moments. You truly helped persevere a magical time!

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