Christmas Cards: Kyle & Faye 2015

I definitely enjoy the chance to do some screen printing completely for my own use, since it is an opportunity to push my limits and experiment without an actual deadline. Christmas cards are one of those times of year where I take a chance, even though the holidays get busy and I’m often scrambling to get our cards printed and in the mail.

For this year, I’d had this idea of a Scandinavian style in my head for quite some time, but I also knew I wanted something really bold with multiple colors. The final design fit the bill, bold and graphic (and with metallic gold ink, of course). I was happy to send these through the mail, although I wish I had made more to send out!

Screen print Christmas Card Screen print Christmas Card Screen print Christmas Card Screen print Christmas Card

(Last image is from printing in-progress and taken on my phone’s camera.)

Details: 3 color screen print – Jacquard #121 Solar Gold (my fav!), Jacquard #115 Green, Jacquard #112 Navy / Curious Metallic Ice Silver Shimmer Cover Stock / Cards & Pockets Jade A7 Envelopes / Edition of 50 (trimmed and addressed by hand)

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