Custom Signage: Painted Directional Signs

Since I just finished a couple more of these signs earlier this week, I figured it is past due that I post about the whole project. (I also finally took the time to get some pictures of the finished sign banks.)

This is another interesting project that came my way, because I design and create in a bunch of different mediums. The property is large and directional signs were wanted in order to help people find the buildings they wanted to get to. I was supplied with some old, distressed wood (to fit the aesthetic of the property) and asked to match the font on these signs to other existing signage. I started by cutting out large vinyl stencils to get the uniform font, then finished with indoor/outdoor paint. The signs in the pictures have been posted for over six months now and are still looking great!

Custom Painted Signs Custom Painted Signs Custom Painted Signs

My workspace was in one of the old barns on the property and I enjoyed the environment. During breaks, I took some photos of my progress as I was working and the barn where I was working.

Custom Painted Signs

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