Wedding Invitation: Shauna & Steve

This wedding invitation came together beautifully. It is definitely the most involved piece I’ve ever had the pleasure to design – letterpress printing, digital printing, handwritten calligraphy, wax seals and mounted photos (from their engagement session) were all just steps in the process to get to the final mailed piece. The bride and groom (friends of mine) also helped during printing and assembly, since the final piece was so complex.

For the design, the bride and the groom defined the style as “retro romantic” and wanted something that fit their wedding location, The Claremont Resort in Berkeley, CA. We ended up with a design that is clean and elegant, with a bit of art deco influence.

SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_04 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_03 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_05 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_09 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_12 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_13 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_10 SS_Wedding_Invitation_FayeChamplinStudio_07

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